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Poznańska agencja marketingowa full service. Kampanie reklamowe, Facebook, Strony internetowe, Poligrafia i wiele innych. Sprawdź nas!

  • "We are totally satisfied with PoorNoMore's innovative, meticulous, and modern graphic design – well done."
    Karolina Kamińska, SOS Children's Villages Poland
  • "The PoorNoMore team consistently delivers persuasive creative content ahead of deadline. We trust the openness and flexibility of our partnership."
    Olena Zbroszczyk, CEO of SCHLOSSER HEIZTECHNIK Gruppe Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • "PoorNoMore is a group of devoted creative professionals getting the job done perfectly and on time. They are exceptional among agencies."
    Roma Pikulska, Marketing Specialist, RED Development Sp. z o.o.
  • "Wojtek Pigla is the epitome of the ideal Social Media Manager - the team expert in content marketing, strategy, analytics and evaluation"
    Katarzyna Młynarczyk, CEO of

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What we do?

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We adapt and utilize a diverse palette of marketing tools and strategies to achieve client goals. From concept to delivery we design and create well-fitting campaigns – integrating both online and offline worlds in the most powerful way possible.

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We connect with your target market and influence customers in their natural environment. Building communities and relationships brings you strong growth and long-term profit potential.

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Our designers successfully communicate the most complex messages in unforgettable ways. Have a look and you will become a believer. The impact of one truly powerful image is more than words can say.

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Having a dynamic online presence is a powerful advantage in today’s multimedia world. We build innovative websites that exploit the power of Responsive Web Design and SEO. From complex integrated services to simple one-pagers.

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Tired of default solutions? Customize! Our developers can build anything you can dream up - a game, a reservation form, or a sales platform. Experience the power of custom code!

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Content is King! We help you ascend the throne by keeping your content fresh and engaging! Take a journey with us and know the power of the word.

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Showcase your brand, product, event, portrait or more. Our experienced artists are empowered with the latest creative tools and equipment.

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The first step is information. Collecting data is the foundation for building a solid marketing strategy. Our research team will help bridge the divide between you and your customer by targeting their needs and desires.

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Our production team will take your video project from concept to completion. Copywriting, Casting, Filming, Sound, Music, Lighting, Makeup, Editing, Animation, and Motion Graphics we get the whole job done.

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We build relations - internal as well as external. We manage our client’s public image according to the marketing strategy by using all the best techniques at our disposal and creating new ones when necessary.

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Anything is possible whether you are entertaining or training! Three, thirty, three hundred people? No problem it will be fun and memorable!

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We consistently position your brand in the customer’s mind with both functional and fun promotional gadgets.


One does not simply walk into Market. We do. Take our hand.

Adam Rychlewski

Smile Manager

505 689 171

Wojciech Pigla

Smile Manager

698 812 316

Marcin Zaworski

Smile Manager

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Jakub Maciejewski

Smile Manager

510 111 826

Sandra Zagóra

Junior Smile Manager

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Magda Bednarska

Junior Smile Manager

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Daria Furmanek

Graphic Designer

Anna Pudełko

Junior Graphic Designer

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We take care of everything. Something is shown below. Moreover, we got a dragon here, and we're not afraid to use it! We're an agency on the edge.

RED Development

LMK Qualitative Research


Museum of Archeology and History in Elbląg

Kosmos Club

Mona Restaurant

Meridian Restaurant

Saskia Art

Ronson Development

Wilda na Glanc!




Primary School in Dąbrówka

Elektroskandia Polska

Woodstock Festival / The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

SOS Children's Villages


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